Activities at Finnish Food Authority aim at ensuring food safety, promoting animal health and welfare, and developing the prerequisites for plant and animal production, and plant health. The chain from field to fork begins with seed. Using certified, i.e. officially inspected and approved seed, guarantees a high quality crop.

Finnish Food Authority is also responsible for the use of the funds provided by the European Union’s agricultural guarantee and rural development funds in Finland, operates as the EU’s paying agency and monitors the implementation of EU and national grants – farming subsidies, project, entrepreneurship and structural subsidies as well as market subsidies.

All seed marketed in Finland must be certified. The Finnish Food Authority inspects and supervises the quality of seed used in Finland. It also examines their quality through laboratory tests. Seed Certification Unit is responsible for field inspections, post control tests and certification. Seed Laboratory of Plant Analytics Unit does the laboratory tests. 


Finnish Food Authority


Tampereentie 51, FI-32200 Loimaa, Finland


+358 29 530 0400


+358 29 530 0444


Head (name)

Leena Pietilä



Other contacts

Senior Officer
Seed Certification Unit
Seed Certification and Seed Control

Ritva Vallivaara-Pasto
Phone : 358 20 690 999

Senior Officer
Seed Certification Unit
Post Control and DUS-testing

Kaarina Paavilainen
Phone : 358 20 690 999

Head of Unit
Plant Analysis Laboratory

Mirja Kartio
Phone : 358 20 690 999

Plant Analysis Laboratory
Seed Health Laboratory

Hanna Ranta
Phone : 358 20 690 999


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